This post will be different from the others, it won´t be about Yoga but about the message that transmits, union and strength.

Every day we see how social media is full of opposite messages, and how these messages contribute in a positive or negative way in our everyday lives. We find that they tell us to accept ourselves as we are, but at the same time they are telling us how we must eat to become thinner according to the standards imposed by society, We are told to support ourselves as a gender but the criticism we make among our social circles against our peers is generally destructive.


I could go on all day citing examples, but the truth is that  what is happening is obvious to everyone: we lack solidarity in general, gender, country, society, family. We must generate initiatives where we are part of the change, analyze how from our grain of sand we can make our colleagues feel better, friends, family members, we must create a culture where we try to understand the point of view of others before judging their decisions and actions.

Life brings us immense and necessary challenges to our growth, I am convinced that if we all make a more friendly and tolerant society we will find a way to approach them in a different way by feeling that our environment is support, that within our community there are people we can lean on as we take “air” and move forward without being judged.

We spend our lives thinking that we are unique and independent in the world, but we are all part of a whole where every decision, attitude and action we have will affect that whole equally. The invitation today is that tomorrow when you wake up you smile, just by being alive, being able to breathe, having a house to sleep in and a life of opportunities ahead. Smile at the neighbor, at the grocer, at the bus, at the colleagues, at the foreigner in the corner who works their ass off, cause even if they bothers you so much, that smile can change their life.

Be supportive to yourself by accepting and loving you enough to be able to love each other and give them the best of you every day. Let’s help each other to feel safe as we walk through life, supporting us in the bad and congratulatig us the good ones, empowering ourselves to be the best version of ourselves and fulfill our dreams, as impossible as they may seem, let us become the reason why people want to go to work, to school, to walk in life and not the excuse not to.

No one can do good in one space of his life, while doing harm in another.

Life is an indivisible whole.



Namaste ♥

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