Am I Good enough, skinny enough, peacefull enough, spiritual enough…..for a Yoga Practice?

When I discovered Yoga, those where the questions that came to my mind, and through the years I´ve noticed that a lot o people, most of them women don’t practice because of all the social prejudices that have marked us for decades.

The irony here is that the Yoga translate is Union (we are all one), effort, and it´s definition does not exclude any ethnic group, age, skin color or physical form. The origin of Yoga talked about a physical and mental discipline, looking for spiritual perfection and union with the absolute, we will be able to see how through the practice we can control our own body, no matter its shape, and also a better concentration capacity.

It’s been a couple of years since I started my Yoga practice, it has become my passion and my motivation, it has taught me that all the impossible is inside our head and if we are discipline enough we can acquire all the physical and  mental benefits of Yoga. It’s important to understand that everyhing is a process and we have to approach each step with patience and gratitude, the benefits of the practice are thousands, but my idea is that you can approach your practice in a friendly way, not to be another paper about Yoga 🙂

I am going to give you a couple of Instagram accounts and its books that helped me to stay motivated, and taught me how to approach little by little this adventure.

Jessica Olie (@jessicaolie) wrote an e-book that is called Lets Start Yoga, this one is an easy way to start your personal practice and teach your body each position (asana) that is going to find…


In most of the yoga classes you’ll hear that Core (Abdominal area) is really important in most of the positions, that’s because is the center of our body . You can start to strengthen this area with the Morgan’s Tyler (@findingmorgantyler) e-book named Ab’asanas offering your body a sense of balance and ease…



These two e-books are easy to find and has a fairly price!

Last but not least, if you wanna invest a little more and also have a complete guide for your personal practice, this book is a great one to buy, its author is Steph Góngora and the book’s name The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Yoga Practice, this is a complete edition where Steph give us a general overview of the practice, of the body, each asana and flows (yoga circuits) that we can achieve once we understood each position.



You will find on the web free classes, books and instagram accounts that will help you to follow a secure and appropiate process in your practice. You will also realize that no matter your body shape, beliefs or how fit you are to practice Yoga, you just have to have perseverance and determination, each day on the mat will teach you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Namaste!!! ♥

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